• Nickelite Blowpipes & Punties
  • Speciality Motorized Bicycle Engine Parts
CR Machine
57 Danforth Road
Rindge, NH 03461
Phone: (603) 899-9871
Fax (603) 899-6036


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CR Machine

Nickelite Blowpipes & Punties

CR Machine specializes in manufacturing blowpipes and punties. With 43 different sizes, you can be sure that whatever you are making, there is a blowpipe or punty that is perfect for your application. Nickelite™ glassblowing blowpipes and punties are made with higher grade materials than other tools. High Nickel stainless steels and high temperature alloys make Nickelite™ tools the strongest, most scale resistant lightweight tools in the industry. "Balance engineering™" and the new "micro-knurl™" contribute to the Nickelite™ philosophy of comfortable tools for the glass worker. Fatigue and joint problems can be a major problem for many veteran glassblowers, so the handling comfort of these fine quality tools is a welcome feature.

Motorized Bicycle Engine Parts

Fred is a firm believer in the idea of “less is more.”  The motorized bicycle is the embodiment of simple, lightweight transportation.  CR Machine is now manufacturing several different designs of specialty cylinder heads for the popular and inexpensive 66cc & 70cc two-stroke motorized bicycle engine.  We also build complete high performance engine kits that offer excellent power, reliability, and value for your motorized bicycle project.

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